The bonus reward and its terms lag behind offers by other bookmakers in India, with plenty of room to make it better. Swaps values may be adjusted daily based on market conditions and rates provided by our Price Provider applicable to all open positions. It didn’t have a refrigerator nor a hair dryer what we missed. It was a good point that we could have it till 11am because of Volt Festival. We visit sopron every year, because it is a very charming place, and the last 4-5 times we always stayed at palatinus, because the position is very convenient.

Hungarian Forint Manages to Stabilize after Inflationary Pressures – Hungary Today

Hungarian Forint Manages to Stabilize after Inflationary Pressures.

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It resulted in heavy, communal riots., Jinnah celeberated Pakistan Day on 27th, March, 1947., , Mountbatten Plan , The plan formulated by Lord Mountbatten, outlined that, India was to be further divided into India, and Pakistan., There would be a separate Consitutional, Assembly for Pakistan to frame its, Constitution., The princely states would enjoy the liberty, to either join India or Pakistan, or could, even remain independent., Bengal and Punjab will be partitioned and, a referendum in NWFP and Sylhet district, of Assam would be held. Boundary, Commission was to be headed by, Radcliffe., , l, , l, , l, , l, , Partition and Independence, , l, , l, , Indian, Independence, Act,, 1947, implemented on 15th August 1947,, abolished the sovereignty of British, Parliament. Pakistan, was to comprise Sind, British Baluchistan,, NWFP, West Punjab and East Bengal., Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the first Home, Minister, integrated all the states by 15th, August, 1947. Kashmir, Hyderabad,, Junagarh, Goa and, Pondicherry later acceded, to Indian Federation. 6, , GENERAL KNOWLEDGE Indian History, , Buddhism, , l, , Founded by Gautama Buddha, also known, as Siddhartha or Sakyamuni or, Tathagata., Born in 563 BC in Lumbini in Nepal in, Shakya Kshatriya Clan., His father Suddhodana was a Shakya, ruler and his mother Mahamaya of, Kosalan dynasty died early. Brought up, by step mother Gautami., Married to Yashodhara and had a son, Rahul., Triratnas in Buddhism stand for, 3 pillars, – Buddha Its founder, – Dhamma His teachings, – Sangha Order of Buddhist monks, and nuns, Buddhism was also divided in two main, sects namely Hinayana and Mahayana., l, , l, , l, , l, , l, , Pain and misery can be ended by killing or, controlling desire., Desire can be controlled by following the, Eight-Fold Path., , The Eight-Fold Path, 1.

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Bt-cotton , Bt-corn, golden rice, etc., , Seed Village Concept, It is the starting point of agriculture and, dictates ultimate productivity of other inputs. Current Affairs, Shala Darpan Portal Launched, Union Minister of State for HRD Sanjay, Dhotre has launched the Shala Darpan, Portal for Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, in New Delhi on November 6,, 2019. Shaala Darpan portal is an, ene-to-end E-Governance school, automation and management system, for Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti ., , INTERNATIONAL, WHO Declared the Global Risk of, Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), The World Health Organization has, declared the outbreak of a novel, coronavirus a global health emergency, on January 30, 2020 because the, outbreak continues to spread outside, China., Coronavirus is an umbrella term for, viruses that cause illness ranging from, common cold to diseases such as the, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, and Severe Acute Respiratory, Syndrome . By January 31, 2020,, 213 deaths have been reported and, 9776 confirmed cases., , Hawaiian Telescope Captured most, Detailed Pictures of the Sun Yet, Hawaii’s Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope, has captured the highest-ever, resolution images of the solar surface, on January 29, 2020. INDIAN, POLITY, CONSTITUTION, , l, , Framing of the, Indian Constitution, l, , l, , l, , l, , The idea to have a Constitution was first, given by MN Roy ., The Constitution was framed by the, Constituent Assembly of India, set-up, on 16th May 1946, in accordance with, the Cabinet Mission Plan, under the, Chairmanship, of, Sach-chidanand, Sinha, initially. Dr Rajendra Prasad and, HC Mukherjee were elected as the, President and Vice-President respectively, on 11th December 1946.

Zloty seen leading gains as rate hikes support central European … – Reuters

Zloty seen leading gains as rate hikes support central European ….

Posted: Wed, 03 Nov 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

It came into existence after, World II, when the leaders of the, world, including American President, Roosevelt and British Prime Minister, Churchill, decided to create a world, organisation that would help to ensure, peace., The original membership of 51 nations, has grown to 193 members. The 193rd, member being the newly created, South Sudan. The, UN also has offices in Nairobi ,, Geneva and Vienna, ., The General Assembly is the main, place for discussions and policy, making in the United Nations., The Security Council has primary, responsibility for the maintenance of, international peace and security. The, Security Council is made up of 15, members., There are five permanent members of, the Secutiry Council-China, France,, Russia, United Kingdom and USA and, 10 non-permanent members elected, for 2 years terms starting on 1st, January., , Country, Belgium, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Germany, Indonesia, Niger, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, South Africa, Tunisia, Vietnam, l, , l, , l, , l, , Term Ends, 2020, 2020, 2021, 2020, 2020, 2021, 2021, 2020, 2021, 2021, , Economic and Social Council is the, principal body for coordination, policy, review,, policy, dialogue, and, recommendations on economic, social and, environmental issues. The secretariat, comprises the Secretary-General and, other staff who carry out day-to-day work, of the U.N., The International Court of Justice, , located in the Hague, Netherlands,, is the primary judicial organ of the United, Nations, established in 1945 by the United, Nations Charter, the Court began work in, 1946, as the successor to the Permanent, Court of International Justice., Trygve Lie of Norway ( ) was the, first Secretary-General of the UN., Antonio Guterres is the new SecretaryGeneral of UN. 84, , GENERAL KNOWLEDGE General Science, , Nuclear Reactor or Atomic Pile, , Radioactivity, l, , l, , l, , l, , l, , l, , Radioactivity was discovered by Henry, Becquerel, Madame Curie and Pierre, Curie for which they jointly won Nobel, Prize., The nucleus having protons 83 or, more are unstable.

It also inserted Part IX,, containing Articles, 243, 243 A to 243 O., Eighty Ninth Amendment Act, 2003 The, Act adds Article 338 A and provides for, the creation of National Commission for, Scheduled Tribes., Ninety First Amendment Act, 2003, Amended the Anti-Defection Law and, also made a provision that the number of, ministers in the Centre and State, Government, cannot be more than 15%, of the strength of Lok Sabha and the, respective Vidhan Sabha., Ninety Third Amendment Act, 2005 To, reserve seats for socially and, educationally backward classes, besides, the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled, Tribes, in private unaided institutions, other than those run by minorities., Ninety Fifth Amendment Act, 2009, Extends the reservation of seats for, SC/STs in the Lok Sabha for another 10, years. In Article 334 of the Constitution,, for the words ‘sixty years’, the words, ‘seventy years’ was substituted., Ninety Seventh Amendment, 2011, Amend- ment of Article 19, Insertion, of Article 43B, Insertion of Part IXB. This, amendment gives constitutional status to, cooperatives., Ninety Eighth Amendment Act, 2012, To empower the, Governor of Karnataka to take steps to, develop Hyderabad-Karnataka Region., Ninety-Ninth Amendment Act, 2014 deals, with replacing the collegium system for, the appointments of the Judges of the, Supreme Court and the 24 High Courts., But Supreme Court of India has declared, this unconstitutional and void., One Hundredth Amendment Act, 2015 to, give effect to the acquring of territories by, India and transfer of certain territories to, Bangladesh in pursuance of the, agreements and its protocol., One Hundredth One Amendment Act,, 2016 with deals Goods and Services Tax, One Hundredth Two Amendment Act, 2018 provides the Constitutional status, to National Commission for Backward, Classes., One Hundredth Three Amendment Act, 2018 provides 10% reservation to the, economically backward classes of society. 48, , GENERAL KNOWLEDGE Geography, , ENVIRONMENT AND ECOLOGY, Environment All external conditions,, factors, matter and energy living and, non-living that affect any living organism, or other specified system., Ecology Biological science that studies the, relationships between living organisms, and their environment; study of the, structure and functions of nature., Ecosystem It is defined as a unit which, include all the organisms in a given area interacting, with, the, enviornment, , so that the flow energy, leads to a clearly defined trophic, structure, biotic diversity and material, cycles., Biome Terrestrial regions characterised by, certain types of vegetation and other, forms of life. Examples include various, types of deserts, grasslands and forests., Wetland Land that is covered all part of the, time with saltwater or freshwater,, excluding streams, lakes and the open, ocean., Biodiversity Variety of different species, , genetic variability, among individuals within each species, , variety of ecosystems, and functions such, as energy flow and matter cycling, needed for the survival of species and, biological communities ., Biosphere Zone of the Earth where, life is found. It consists of parts of the, atmosphere, ,, hydrosphere and lithosphere where life is found., Wildlife All free, undomesticated species., Sometimes the term is used to describe, animals only., , Threatened Species Wild species that is, still abundant in its natural range but is, likely to become endangered because of, a decline in numbers., Ozone Colourless and highly reactive, gas and a major component of, photochemical smog.

It can be transmitted over a, great distance without being spread., , LASER Technology in India, In 1964, the first laser as Gallium Arsenide, semi-conductor laser was designed and, fabricated by Bhabha Atomic Research, Centre . Current Affairs, Cabinet Approved the Medical, Termination of Pregnancy, Bill, 2020, The Union Cabinet has approved the, Medical Termination of Pregnancy, Bill, 2020 on Jan. 29, 2020., The bill will amend the Medical, Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971 and, extends the upper limit for permitting, abortions from the present 20 weeks to, 24 weeks., , ‘Samvidhaan’ Named as Oxford, Hindi Word of 2019, Samvidhaan or Constitution has been, named as the Hindi Word of the Year for, 2019 by Oxford University Press on, January 28, 2020., The word was picked as 2019 saw the, values of democracy, secularism, justice,, liberty, equality, and fraternity being, tested on the touchstone of the, samvidhaan., , SC Allows Govt. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE General Science, , Fuel, , Calorific Value (kJ/g), , Coal, Kerosene oil, Petrol, Diesel, Biogas, LPG, Cow dung, Hydrogen, , 25-32, 48, 50, 45, 35-40, 50, 6-8, 150, , Natural gas, , 35-50, , Safety Matches, In safety matches, the stick consists of a, mixture of antimony trisulphide and, potassium chlorate at its one end.

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It is used to measure the, depth of a sea, to locate the enemy, submarines and shipwrecks., , Doppler’s Effect, ?, , Sound Waves, Sound waves are longitudinal mechanical, waves. Based on their frequency range, sound waves are divided into following, categories., The sound waves which lie in the, frequency range 20 Hz to Hz are, called audible waves., The sound waves having frequencies less, than 20 Hz are called infrasonic waves., The sound waves having frequencies, greater than Hz are called ultrasonic, waves., Ultrasonic waves are used for sending, signals, measuring the depth of sea,, cleaning machinery parts located in hard, to reach places, such as spiral tubes, etc., , Speed of sound is maximum in solids and, minimum in gases., When sound goes from one medium to, another medium, its speed and wavelength, changes, but frequency remains unchanged., The speed of sound remains unchanged by, the increase or decrease of pressure., The speed of sound increases with the, increase of temperature of the medium., The speed of sound is more in humid air than, in dry air because the density of humid air is, less than the density., , ?, , If there is a relative motion between source, of sound and observer, the apparent, frequency of sound heard by the observer is, different from the actual frequency of, sound emitted by the source. This, phenomenon is called Doppler’s effect., When the distance between the source and, observer decreases, then apparent, frequency increases and vice-versa., , l, , LIGHT, l, , l, , l, , l, , l, , Light is a form of energy, which, is propagated as electromagnetic wave., It is the radiation which makes our eyes, able to see the object. It takes 8 min 19 s to, reach on the Earth from the Sun and, the light reflected from Moon takes, 1.28 s to reach Earth. In room,, ventilators are provided to escape the hot air, by convection., Heat from the Sun reaches the Earth by, radiation., , Simple Pendulum, l, , l, , l, , l, , l, , Simple pendulum is a heavy point mass, suspended from a rigid support by means of, an elastic and inextensible string., The maximum time period of a simple, pendulum is 84.6 min., The time period of a simple pendulum does, not depend upon the mass, shape and size of, the bob and its amplitude of oscillation. A, pendulum clock goes slow in summer and, fast in winter., If a simple pendulum is suspended in a lift, descending down with acceleration, then, time period of pendulum will increase.

  • It does not help, in burning., , It is chemically calcium sulphate, 1, hemihydrate (CaSO 4. H 2O) and is, 2, prepared by heating gypsum which is, calcium, sulphate, dihydrate, (CaSO 4. 2H 2O) at 373 K., On mixing with water, Plaster of, Paris further sets into a hard solid,, called gypsum.
  • Annexed Vaishali, Kosala and, Lichchhavi kingdom., Udayin founded the new capital, Pataliputra.
  • The secretariat, comprises the Secretary-General and, other staff who carry out day-to-day work, of the U.N., The International Court of Justice, , located in the Hague, Netherlands,, is the primary judicial organ of the United, Nations, established in 1945 by the United, Nations Charter, the Court began work in, 1946, as the successor to the Permanent, Court of International Justice., Trygve Lie of Norway ( ) was the, first Secretary-General of the UN., Antonio Guterres is the new SecretaryGeneral of UN.
  • Bull Capital Trading Inc Ltd trading is the buying and selling of currencies with the aim of making a profit.

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Price war is a common feature., Reverse Repo Rate The rate at which RBI, borrows from banks for a short-term. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE Indian History, l, , l, , Refusal to attend government durbars, and boycott of British courts by the, lawyers., Refusal of general public to offer, themselves for military and other, government jobs and boycott of foreign, goods., , Lahore Session , l, , l, , Chauri-Chaura Incident , l, , l, , The Congress Session at Allahabad in, December 1921, decided to launch a Civil, Disobedience Programme. Gandhiji was, appointed its leader., But before it could be launched, a mob of, people, at, Chauri-Chaura, clashed with the police and, burnt 22 policemen on 5th February,, 1922. This compelled Gandhiji to, withdraw, the, Non-Cooperation, Movement on 12th February, 1922., , Swaraj Party , l, , l, , Motilal Nehru, CR Das and NC Kelkar, (called Pro-changers) demanded that the, nationalist should end the boycott of the, Legislative Councils, enter them and, expose them., They formed Swaraj Party for this purpose, with CR Das as the President., , Simon Commission , l, , l, , l, , It was constituted by John Simon, to, review the political situation in India and, to introduce further reforms and, extension of parliamentary democracy., Indian leaders opposed the commission, as, there were no Indians in it, they cried, Simon Go Back., The, government, used, brutal, repression and at Lahore, Lala Lajpat Rai, was severely beaten in lathi- charge and, later succumbed to death., , l, , l, , Also called the Salt Satyagraha., Gandhiji started his march from, Sabarmati Ashram on 12th March,, 1930 for the small village Dandi to, break the Salt Law., He picked a handful of salt and, inaugurated the Civil Disobedience, Movement., , Civil Disobedience Movement, l, , l, , Countrywide mass participation by, women., The Garhwal soldiers refused to fire on, the people at Peshawar., , First Round Table Conference, , l, , l, , It was the first conference arranged, between the British and Indians as, equals. It was held on 12th, November, 1930 in London to discuss, Simon Commission., Hindu Mahasabha and Muslim League, participated in it.


France defeated Australia with 3-2, in the finals and won the Fed Cup 2019., , HOCKEY, National Ice Hockey Women’s, Championship, Ladakh lifted the 7th National Ice Hockey, Championship Women trophy after, defeating Delhi, at the Karzoo Ice Hockey, Rink in Ladakh on January 7, 2020. 14, Darjeeling Green & White Tea, Received GI Tag, Two tea varieties of Darjeeling tea, namely Green Tea and White Tea were, registered under ‘Geographical, Indication of Goods Act, 1999’ on, November 16, 2019. Darjeeling, produces 85 lakh kilograms of tea; of, this Green Tea constitutes 10 lakh, kilograms and White Tea constitutes 1, lakh kilograms., , India Conducts First Night Trial of, Agni-II Missile, DRDO has successfully conducted the, first night trial of nuclear-capable, intermediate range ballistic missile, Agni-II from the Dr. Abdul Kalam, Island off the Odisha coast on, November 16, 2019.

Thus, it is used to, plaster fractured bones, for making, toys, materials for decoration and for, making surfaces smooth., , Portland Cement, , l, , Some Important Compounds in, Everyday Life, , 89, , l, , It is a complex mixture of silicates, and aluminates of calcium with small, amount of gypsum. Raw material, used for the manufacture of Portland, cement are limestone and clay., The composition of Portland cement, is calcium oxide (50-60%), alumina, (5-10%), and magnesium oxide, (2-3%) Gypsum is added to cement, to decrease its rate of setting., In cement, if lime is in excess,, cement cracks during setting and if, lime is less, cement is of weak, strength., Mortar a mixture of sand, cement, and water is used for joining bricks, and plastering walls., Concrete, a mixture of gravel, sand,, cement and water is used for flooring, and making roads. 64, , GENERAL KNOWLEDGE Indian Polity, , PARLIAMENTARY TERMS, Quorum It is the minimum number of, members required to transact the, business of the House. Article 100 of the, Constitution specifies that the Quorum of, either House shall be 10% of the strength, of the House., Question Hour The first hour of every, sitting of Parliament is called the Question, Hour. Questions usually need a 10 day, notice before being answered by the, concerned minister., Starred Questions To be answered orally, on the floor of the House. Supplementary, questions can be asked., Unstarred Questions To be answered in, writing.

He was known for his roles in the, movies ‘Do The Right Thing’ and ‘The, Godfather Part II’., , Hillary Clinton, Former US secretary of state Hillary, Rodham Clinton has been appointed, as the first female Chancellor of UK’s, Queen’s University on January 2, 2020., She is the University’s 11th, Chancellor and will serve the post for, a period of five years with effect from, January 1, 2020. She succeeded Tom, Moran, who died last year., , Ashraf Ghani, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani won, another five-year term in office,, according to preliminary results the, election commission announced on, December 22, 2019., He secured 50.6% of the vote, compared with 39.52% for Abdullah, Abdullah, in the September poll., , Abdelmadjid Tebboune, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, former Prime, Minister of Algeria was elected as the, President of Algeria on December 13, 2019., He took over the power from former, President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and former, Acting Head of State Abdelkader Bensalah., , Greta Thunberg, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has, been named Time magazine’s Person of the, Year for 2019 on December 11, 2019. At 16,, she is the youngest person to earn the title, in the magazine’s 92-year history., , Sundar Pichai, Sundar Pichai, the current CEO of Google, has been named as the new Chief, Executive Officer of Alphabet on, December 4, 2019., He takes over after chief executive officer, Larry Page and president Sergey Brin, stepped down; who co-founded Google, in 1998. It is, the second largest agro-based industry in, the country., , AC Shah Committee, , Customer Service in, Banks, Human Resource in, Commercial Banks, Corporate Debt, , Non-Banking, Financial Company, Market Infrastructure, Instruments, Functioning of Micro, Finance Institutions, Corporate, Governance, Rationalisation of, Petroleum Product, Prices, Improving National, Highways in India, , SR Hashim Committee, , Urban Poverty, , Abhijit Sen, , Wholesale Price Index, , l, , l, , l, , A step towards social banking was, taken with the nationalisation of 14, commercial banks on 19th July, 1969., Six more banks were nationalised on, 1980, total number of public sector, banks are 27., Later on, in the year 1993, the, government merged New Bank of India, with Punjab National Bank., Bhartiya Mahila Bank, India’s first, bank, exclusively, for, women,, headquarters in New Delhi was, Inaugurated on 19th November, 2013., It has been merged with SBI in 2017., IDBI Bank is an Indian financial, service company, formerly known as, Industries Development Bank of India,, head quartered in Mumbai, India., In September, 2004, the RBI incorporated IDBI as a scheduled bank under, the RBI Act, 1934. Lal,, Bal, Pal and Aurobindo Ghosh played an, important role. INC took the Swadeshi, call first at the Banaras Session, 1905, presided over by GK Gokhale., , Muslim League , Causes of Failure, ?, , ?, , The Nizam of Hyderabad, the Raja of Jodhpur,, Scindia of Gwalior, the Holkar of Indore, the, rulers of Patiala, Sindh and Kashmir and the, Rana of Nepal provided active support to the, British., Comparative lack of efficient leadership., , l, , l, , It was set-up in 1906 by Aga Khan,, Nawab Salimullah of Dhaka and Nawab, Mohsin-ul- Mulk., The league supported the Partition of, Bengal and opposed the Swadeshi, Movement,, demanded, special, safeguards to its community and a, separate electorate for Muslims.

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BN Rau was, appointed as the understanding management liability insuranceal Advisor., The total membership of the Constituent, Assembly was 389, of these 292 were, representatives of British States; 93 were, representatives of Princely States and 4, were from the Chief Commissioners, Provinces of Delhi, Ajmer-Merwara,, Coorg and British Baluchistan., The Chairman of the Drafting Committee, was Dr BR Ambedkar, also known as the, Father of the Indian Constitution., , Enactment of the, Constitution, l, , l, , l, , The Constituent Assembly took 2 years,, 11 months and 18 days to complete the, Constitution., Some of the provisions related to, citizenship, elections, provisional Parliament etc were given immediate effect., The Constitution, is adopted on 26th, November, 1949, contained a Preamble,, 395 Articles divided into 22 Parts and, 8 Schedules. Presently, it has 448 Articles, divided into 25 Parts and 12 Schedules., , l, , The enforcement of Constitution was, delayed till 26th January because, in, 1929, on this day Indian National, Congress demanded Poorna Swaraj in, Lahore Session, Chaired by JL Nehru., The Constitution came into force on, 26th January, 1950, known as Republic, Day of India. The Constituent Assembly, adopted our National Flag on 22nd July,, 1947. It was designed by Pingali, Venkayya., , , Members, , Portfolios Held, , Jawaharlal Nehru, , External Affairs &, Commonwealth, Relations, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Home, Information &, Broadcasting, Dr Rajendra Prasad, Food & Agriculture, Dr John Mathai, Industries & Supplies, Jagjivan Ram, Labour, Sardar Baldev Singh, Defence, CH Bhabha, Works, Mines & Power, Liaquat Ali Khan, Finance, Abdur Rab Nishtar, Posts & Air, Asaf Ali, Railways & Transport, C Rajagopalachari, Education & Arts, II Chundrigar, Commerce, Ghaznafar Ali Khan, Health, Joginder Nath Mandal, Law, , Note Interim government was formed from, the newly elected Constituent Assembly., , Preamble, l, , l, , It is the preface or the introduction of, the Constitution. The interpretation of, the Constitution is based on the spirit of, the Preamble., The Objective Resolution, drafted and, moved by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and, adopted by the Constituent Assembly,, ultimately became the Preamble. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE Indian History, , Indian National Army , l, , l, , Subhash Chandra Bose escaped to, Berlin in 1941 and set-up the Indian, League there.

It, showed divide and rule policy of the, British., It envisaged communal representation of, depressed classes, Sikhs and Muslims., Gandhiji opposed it, and started fast, unto death in Yervada jail., , Poona Pact/ Gandhi- Ambedkar, Pact , l, , l, , The idea of separate electorate for the, depressed classes was abandoned, but, seats reserved for them in the Provincial, Legislature were increased., Thus, Poona Pact agreed upon a joint, electorate for upper and lower castes., , l, , l, , l, , l, , Proved fruitless as most of the national, leaders were in prison., l, , Demand for Pakistan, l, , In 1930, Iqbal suggested that the, North-West provinces and Kashmir, should be made Muslim states within the, federation., , The British Government with a view to, get cooperation from Indians in the, Second World War, sent Sir Stafford, Cripps to settle terms with Indian, leaders., He offered dominion status to be granted, after war., Congress rejected it. Gandhiji termed it, as ‘a post – dated cheque on a crashing, bank’., , The Revolt of 1942 and the Quit, India Movement, l, , l, , It offered Dominion status in the, unspecified future, A post-war body, to enact the Constitution To expand, the, Governor-General’s, Executive, Council to give full weightage to minority, opinion., This was rejected by the INC, but was, accepted by the Muslim League., , The Cripps Mission , l, , Third Round Table Conference, , , Chaudhary Rehmat Ali gave the term, Pakistan in 1933., Muslim League first passed the proposal, of separate Pakistan in its Lahore, Session in 1940 (called Jinnah’s, Two-Nation Theory). It was drafted by, Sikandar Hayat Khan, moved by Fazlul, Haq and seconded by Khaliquzzamah., In December 1943, the Karachi Session, of the Muslim League adopted the, slogan Divide and Quit., , l, , Also called the Wardha Proposal, a, Leaderless Revolt., The resolution was passed on 8th, August, 1942, at Bombay.

Gandhiji gave, the slogan Do or Die., On 1st August, the Congress was banned, and its important leaders were arrested., Gandhiji was kept at the Aga Khan, Palace, Pune., The people became violent. The, movement was, however, crushed by the, government. Current Affairs, , 27, , Haitham Bin Tariq Al-Said, , Manuel Marrero Cruz, , Haitham bin Tariq al-Said has been, sworn in as the new Sultan of Oman, on January 11, 2020. He succeeded, his cousin Qaboos bin Said who was, the Sultan of Oman from July 1970, until his death., , Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, named as the Cuba’s first prime minister, since 1976 on December 21, 2019. The, post of prime minister was scrapped in, 1976 by the then-revolutionary leader and, Cuba’s last Prime Minister Fidel Castro., , Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said, , Sethuraman Panchanathan, , Oman leader, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, Al Said has passed away at the age of, 79 on January 10, 2020. He was, succeeded by his cousin and Oman’s, culture minister Haitham bin Tariq., , US President Donald Trump has elected, Indian-American computer scientist, Sethuraman Panchanathan as director of, the National Science Foundation on, December 20, 2019., , Zoran Zaev, , Danny Aeillo, , Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev submitted his resignation, to the parliament on January 3, 2020., After his resignation, North, Macedonia’s parliament has, approved a new caretaker, government headed by Oliver, Spasovski., , Hollywood actor Danny Aiello has passed, away at the age of 86 on December 12,, 2019.

Shopping Tourism in Hungary Booming due to Weak Forint and Low … – Hungary Today

Shopping Tourism in Hungary Booming due to Weak Forint and Low ….

Posted: Thu, 12 May 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

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Rate-setters said they would use the weekly facility “actively” to mitigate currency swings. Hungary’s central bank boosted the one-week deposit rate by 70 basis points to 2.5% on Nov. 18 to shore up the forint, just two days after a smaller increase in the benchmark rate. But like in central European peers Czech Republic and Poland — which delivered even bigger rate hikes this month — the monetary tightening steps weren’t enough to overcome investor concerns about still deeply negative real interest rates. 46, , GENERAL KNOWLEDGE Geography, , TRANSPORTATION IN INDIA, Railways, l, , l, , l, , Indian Railway system is the second largest, in Asia and the fourth largest in the world., The longest railway platform in India is, now Gorakhpur with a stretch of around, 1.3 km., , Railway Zone, , Headquarters, , Central, Eastern, Northern, North-Eastern, North-East Frontier, Southern, South Central, South-Eastern, Western, East Coast, East Central, North Central, North-Western, South-Western, West Central, South- East Central, Kolkata Metro, South Coast Railway, , Mumbai , Kolkata, New Delhi, Gorakhpur, Maligaon-Guwahati, Chennai, Secunderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai Churchgate, Bhubaneshwar, Hajipur, Allahabad, Jaipur, Hubli, Jabalpur, Bilaspur, Kolkata, Visakhapatnam, , l, , l, , l, , l, , l, , l, , l, , l, , The first train ran in India between, Bombay and Thane, a stretch of 34 km on, 16th April, 1853., The second train ran between Howrah, and Hooghly in 1854., The first electric train in India was, Deccan Queen.

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Similarly, Indian Bank got merged with Allahabad, Bank., , l, , l, , 71, , Repo Rate It is the rate, at which RBI, lends short-term money to the banks, against securities., Reverse Repo Rate It is the rate, at, which banks park short-term excess, liquidity with the RBI. This is always 100, base point, 1% less than Repo rate., , Qualitative/Selective/Direct, , Reserve Bank of India Credit Control, RBI was established in 1935, under RBI, Act, 1934. The main purpose of creating RBI, was to regulate money supply and credit in, the country. RBI was nationalised in 1949, and its first Indian Governor was CD, Deshmukh. Its headquarter is in Mumbai., , Qualitative measures are used to make sure, that purpose, for which loan is given is not, misused. Bank has launched 3 loan, instruments, Shishu–Cover loans upto ` 50,000, Kishore–Cover loan above ` 50,000 and, upto ` 5 lakh., Tarun–Cover loans above ` 5 lakh and, upto ` 10 lakh., l, , l, , l, , Indradhanush Scheme 2015, This is for the banking reforms in India.

  • “The euro-forint rate is a clear sign that markets expect another hike on Thursday,” Raiffeisen Bank analysts Levente Blaho and Gergely Palffy wrote in a research note on Monday.
  • The, post of prime minister was scrapped in, 1976 by the then-revolutionary leader and, Cuba’s last Prime Minister Fidel Castro., , Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said, , Sethuraman Panchanathan, , Oman leader, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, Al Said has passed away at the age of, 79 on January 10, 2020.
  • If you are expecting help with your luggage to your room, guess again no help with that either.
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  • Presently, it has 448 Articles, divided into 25 Parts and 12 Schedules., , l, , The enforcement of Constitution was, delayed till 26th January because, in, 1929, on this day Indian National, Congress demanded Poorna Swaraj in, Lahore Session, Chaired by JL Nehru., The Constitution came into force on, 26th January, 1950, known as Republic, Day of India.
  • Gandhiji was, appointed its leader., But before it could be launched, a mob of, people, at, Chauri-Chaura, clashed with the police and, burnt 22 policemen on 5th February,, 1922.

Belgium won this, championship beating Netherlands., , l, , l, , l, , Football World Cup, l, , The Football World Cup is organised by, FIFA . The World Cup, , is called ‘Jules Rimet Cup’ named after the, name of FIFA President Jules Rimet. The, first Football World Cup was organised in, Uruguay in 1930., In 1942 and 1946, the Football World Cup, was not played due to World War II., The 20th FIFA World Cup held in Brazil in, which Germany became the champion by, defeating Argentina 1-0 in the final., Brazil is the only nation to have, participated in every World Cup so far., The 2018 Football World Cup was held at, Russia. 2022 Football World Cup, is scheduled to be held at Qatar., , United Nations Organisation , l, , l, , l, , l, , l, , The United Nations is a world, organisation formed in 24th October,, 1945.

Jeevan Nedunchezhiyan and, Leander Paes won the match against, Huzaifa Abdul Rehman and Muhammad, Shoaib 6-1, 6-3 in the only doubles match, of the tie between India and Pakistan., , Davis Cup 2019, The Davis cup final was conducted from, November 18-24, 2019 at the Caja Mágica, in Madrid, Spain. Spain’s Rafael Nadal, clinched 6th Davis Cup title in men’s, singles after beating Denis Shapovalov of, Canada., , Fed Cup 2019, The final of 57th edition of Fed Cup 2019, was held in Australia on November 10,, 2019. It is the most important tournament, between national teams in women’s, tennis.

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